I have been with First Choice for 12 years. They are trustworthy, timely and friendly. They also offer discount coupons.

5 First Choice Automotive 7/22/2016

Great same day service, honest and reasonable! Dave was great. Will definitely come back.

5 First Choice Automotive 7/19/2016

Best around. Fixed two issues no one else could. Always same day service. Dave is the best.

5 First Choice Automotive 7/11/2016

Thanks for the great service.

5 First Choice Automotive 6/14/2016

Friendly staff and great service.

5 First Choice Automotive 5/12/2016

Took my car in for maintenance and was pleased with the turn around. Thanks First Choice!

5 First Choice Automotive 4/12/2016

Scheduling periodic maintenance with First Choice is always easy and on the day of the appointment, Amy is well organized and able to get the cars seen in good order. I went in for an oil change and concerns about what I thought was a problem. The oil change went without a hitch and the mechanic who usually works on my car was able to discern the difference between a mechanical problem and vehicle eccentricity. Fortunately for my wallet, my problem was the latter and not the former. The service is always quality and I praise the shop for being able to keep a steady roster of mechanics on duty. A mechanic who is familiar with your car has an easier time in discerning its problems.

5 First Choice Automotive 3/24/2016

I trust First Choice Automotive implicitly. They've never steered me wrong in 10 years.

5 First Choice Automotive 3/16/2016

Great service

5 First Choice Automotive 3/14/2016

Got a state inspection. The guys were quick and professional.

5 First Choice Automotive 3/14/2016